I write for theatre because I love the creative, collaborative process of working with other artists.



Lojo is a playwright, dramaturg and writer of prose and poetry. Her plays are frequently expressionistic, rooted in memory, and attentive to universal human struggles with the mysteries of soul, identity, place and purpose. Sometimes, though, they're just funny; and sometimes, they have animals in them.


Lojo's plays have been presented in professional, community and university theatres nationwide.


As a new play "midwife," Lojo helps other writers develop their plays and musicals in private practice dramaturgy. She also works with writers and directors  in the rehearsal room and is the founding curator of Bare Bones Theatre.


Lojo holds an MFA from University of Idaho and a BA from Brandeis University and is Literary Laureate Emerita for the City of Laguna Beach, California.


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