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Love All

Production, OC-Centric New Play Festival, August 2016, dir. Travis Donnelly; Semi-finalist , Kitchen Dog New Works Festival, 2017.

After 14 years of marriage, John Smyth reveals a secret: he is not the man his wife, Mary, thinks he is. He is not even John Smyth, but rather Burton Beverly, a man from thousands of miles away who faked his suicide in order to escape his former life. LOVE ALL dances between time and place to explore how John Smyth came to be, how Mary came to fall in love with him, and how their son, Ben, comes to deal with the fallout of this shocking news. It is a story of myth and myth-making, a story in which inquiry and deception intertwine with memory and forgetting as a family tries to stitch itself together after the life they thought they knew comes unraveled.


Cast: 2 M, 1 F

LOVE ALL is a compelling journey through past and present that explores the meaning of truth in our own personal stories. It leaves us asking if we can ever find fact in our own myth. -- Director Travis Donnelly

LOVE ALL is a heartbreaking examination about love and truth and how one affect the others. Driven by full fleshed characters and real life situations that are turned upside down by a revelation, Lojo manages to create a thriller about the most ordinary things in life, and it is riveting. -- playwright Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Jennifer Novak Chun, Alexander Walters and Mike Martin in the OC-Centric production directed by Travis Donnelly at Chapman University. Photos by Stephen Rack

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