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Seeds of Change

Music by Ian LeRoy

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire school tour, 2023; Neptune Theatre, Nova Scotia, 2022-2023; Creede Repertory Theatre Young Audience Outreach Tour, 2018


Inspired by myth, fairy tale and Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Seeds of Change fosters environmental literacy through the story of an ornery young girl who leaves the isolated Isle of Oro and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. This story explores topics in basic math, environmental science, ocean plastic, and habitat loss as Rosey Kate learns to overcome her selfishness and care about the planet and the people around her. SEEDS OF CHANGE may be performed by two or more actors with a limited set, making it perfect for touring to grades K-6. Includes five original songs and a recorded soundtrack.


Cast: 2-6, any ethnicity

“The students were positively engaged with the performance. They were laughing, responded to the actors and left wanting to read books. What teachers could ask for anything more?” -- Cynthia Bills, Teacher, High Rolls, NM.

“Our children loved it! They were very engaged, they really responded to the presentation being bilingual and the cast was so professional. I was amazed at how the cast included the students and really controlled the behavior through the presentation...AWESOME!” -- Joe Gutierrez, Principal, Killip Elementary, Flagstaff, AZ

Michael Liebhauser and Ezinne Elele in Creede Repertory Theatre's 2018 production of Seeds of Change, directed by Melissa Firlit, with costumes by Kate Mott. Photos by John Gary Brown.

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