Best Foot Forward

Music by Brandon Scott Grayson

Creede Repertory Theatre Young Audience Outreach Tour, 2019

Sawyer McNally really wants the Dance Starz crown, but the competition is fierce, and “Lil G” Gonzalez has all the right moves. When bad weather forces the two dancers to spend time together, Sawyer learns that there are many ways to be a winner. An original, bilingual musical, BEST FOOT FORWARD exposes students to a variety of music and dance styles, promotes self-awareness and encourages friendship across boundaries of geography and experience.

Cast: 2+, gender neutral, any ethnicity

"This is a lovely, funny, moving, and totally engaging YA musical that celebrates cultural differences and uses dance beautifully as a metaphor. Highly recommended for the elementary school set (or, frankly, anyone)." -- playwright Skye Robinson Hillis


Josue Ivan Prieto, Reva Stover, Becca Mighell and Chris Carranza in Creede Repertory Theatre's Young Audience Outreach Tour, directed by Melissa Firlit, 2019. Photos by John Gary Brown.

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