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L'Dor v'Dor (From Generation to Generation):
A Family Trilogy

All three plays were honored by the Jewish Plays Project in 2021, 2022 & 2023; Part III also named a finalist in ThinkTank’s 4th Annual TYA Playwrights Festival


Part I: Aliyah explores assimilation, identity, racism and what we inherit from the generations who have gone before us though the story of a multi-racial Jewish American family on the morning of their daughter’s bat mitzvah. 


Cast: 2 M, 3 F.

Part II: Ruach returns to the Roberts family, one year later as they struggle with the patriarch's Parkinson's disease, loss, grief and end-of-life issues. There's also AI, VR and other high-tech elements in this 

universal story that tears at the heart while challenging the spirit.


Cast: 2 M, 3 F.

Part III: Nefesh falls chronologically between Parts I and II. In this final play of the multigenerational trilogy, Sarah, her mother Zora, and her grandmother Lorraine travel to Natchez, Mississippi, to learn about her grandfather's life there and the history of their family from its start during the Freedom Summer of 1964.

Cast: 2 M, 4 F.

"The Jewish Plays Project recommends L'DOR v'DOR as a Semi-Finalist for the 11th annual Jewish Playwriting Contest. Our community of readers highly enjoyed how this play vocalized the inner struggles of a biracial Jewish multi-generation family in a way that feels fresh and different. This play asks: what can be gleaned from past generations as we move forward with our lives? and addresses the difficulty in moving forward. L'DOR v'DOR rose to the top 20 out of 250 plays and we hope this play swiftly finds opportunities to reach new audiences."

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