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Play with Operatic Consequences

Finalist, Patty Abramson Prize, Theatre J, 2021; Finalist, Unicorn Theatre New Play Reading Series, 2018; AVAILABLE FOR WORLD PREMIERE.


After venerated German composer Richard Strauss’ longtime librettist suddenly dies, he is forced to find another collaborator, which he does in Austrian Jewish writer Stefan Zweig. At the same time, ingénue Rose Schroeder becomes involved in an illicit relationship with a fellow opera singer. When Rose takes a job as Strauss’ personal secretary, she becomes embroiled in the art and politics of composition and collaboration during the rise of the Third Reich. A sweeping historic, political and artistic play for six actors with operatic music and even more operatic consequences.

Cast: 3 M, 3 F with doubling

"A fun and theatrical piece. It’s a timely play with a fresh lens on all too familiar themes." -- LORT Theatre Literary Manager

"(A)rtful use of complex choices faced by historical artists to weave a timely metaphor about art, politics, survival and resistance... deeply moving and challenging." -- NNPN Theatre Literary Manager

"A welcome reminder of the enduring power of stories in the midst of universal heartache and challenge." -- Johanna Gruenhut, Theatre J

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