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Albert Porter, Boy Explorer

Music by Ian LeRoy


Creede Repertory  Theatre Young Audience Outreach Tour, 2017


Albert Porter is an ordinary kid in every sort of way. At least that’s what he thinks – until he discovers the people and stories from the past that make him exceptional. Throughout his journey he learns about the many cultures that make up Colorado’s diverse landscape: including the Pueblos and the Utes, Hispano explorers, French fur trappers and Angelo ranchers. Travel with Albert as he adventures through time, discovering the rich cultures that weave together the contemporary landscape of the Southwest.

Cast size: 2-9, any ethnicity 

"Filled with bold theatricality and playful characters, Albert Porter: Boy Explorer is a treat for young audiences. This bilingual musical explores the rich cultural history of the southwest in a fun and accessible way. Lojo doesn't shy away from deeper themes of identity and immigration. I'd certainly recommend this work." -- John DiAntonio, Executive Director of Creede Repertory Theatre 

Rachel Irwin and Claudio Venancio in Creede Repertory's Young Audience Outreach Tour, directed by Melissa Firlit, 2017

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