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Relic, or I was Bubbie's Favorite by Joel Feinman


World Premiere production, Queens Theatre in the Park, NY, May 2019, Starring Adam Green dir. Will Pomerantz; Reading, Queens Theatre in the Park, 2018, starring Nick Fondulis, dir. Will Pomerantz; Workshop production, Whitefire Theatre Solofest, Los Angeles, 2018, starring Ben Farrow, dir. Ava Burton; Reading, Bare Bones Theatre, Laguna Beach, CA, 2017, starring Ben Farrow, dir. Ava Burton. 

Out-of-work actor Joel Feinman finds one of the world's greatest relics in his Bubbie's attic, giving him the fame and fortune he always wished for, which, of course, is not what he really wants.  A solo comedy for a virtuosic actor about celebrity, idolatry, authenticity and learning to love the burden of our inheritance.

Cast size: 1 M 

Queens Theatre’s audiences loved “Relic, or, I Was Bubbie’s Favorite,” which premiered Mother’s Day weekend. Described as intelligent, with humor and heart, “Relic” explored the true meaning of family ties and took the audience on a surreal and hilarious, truth-finding journey from the Rego Park attic of Joel Feinman’s (Adam Green) bubbie — where he finds a mysterious ancient box that transforms his life – to the last scene in which he waxes poetic about circumcisions, Jesus Christ, and goats. Director Will Pomerantz called it “an incredible tour-de-force for an actor” who plays 20 different characters with different accents.  -- Queens Courier Year in Review, Dec. 27, 2019

Adam Green in the Queens Theatre production, directed by Will Pomerantz. Photos by Jay Rogers

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