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J'oy Vey

 Written with Anita Simons

Reading with Caroline Aaron and June Ballinger dir. by Will Pomerantz, Queens Theatre, NY, December 2020; Workshop Production, Trinity Street Players, Austin, TX, December 2017; Reading, Bare Bones Theatre, Laguna Beach, CA, 2015, dir. Jenny Sullivan; Reading, Florida Rep PlayLAB, Ft. Myers, 2015, dir. Robert Cacioppo; Workshop production, Center for Jewish Culture, La Jolla JCC, 2014, dir. Evan Pappas. 


Gammy Leigh has big plans for her Christmastime over-nighter with her grandbabies, including a visit from Santa. But Bubbie Arlene unexpectedly shows up at the door armed with Chanukah gifts galore and a know-it-all attitude. Laugh your way into the holiday season with these two outspoken elders as they come to terms with aging, changes, and the ups-and-downs of blended, modern families.


Cast size: 2 W.

This light-hearted, well-constructed play is a delight to produce around the holiday season.  It does have enough serious points to be thought-provoking, but also enough resolution to keep from weighing itself down. And there are endless ways to add sight-gags. Our audiences loved it! -- Director Cathy Jones, Trinity Street Players




Photos of Caroline Aaron and June Ballinger in Queens Theatre's New American Voices online reading, directed by Will Pomerantz, 2020; and from Trinity Players' workshop production in Austin, Texas, in 2017.

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