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Nothing as Fierce


Reading, Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA, June 2021


NOTHING AS FIERCE tells the true story of five women who fought on different sides of a custody battle over dozens of orphan-train children in Clifton-Morenci, Arizona. In 1905, the Irish orphans were slated for adoption by local Mexican Catholic families until the Anglo women objected to placing fair-skinned orphans in the arms of dark-skinned parents. The women organized a posse to take up arms and steal the orphans from the Mexican families. The case was tried in the Arizona Territory Supreme Court and appealed to the US Supreme Court before placement of the orphans eventually was finalized. NOTHING AS FIERCE explores racism, feminism and trans-racial adoption through the eyes of real women, each of whom argues passionately for her version of child welfare.


Cast: 5 F.

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