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Freaks of the Cosmic Circus

Production, Wasatch Theatre Company,, Aug-Sep. 2024; George Plautz Playwriting Prize, 2023; Reading, Bare Bones new play reading series, Laguna Beach CA, dir. Michael Matthews, 2019.


Tennessee Williams called his few months living in Laguna Beach in 1939, “the happiest and healthiest and most radiant time of my life.” It also was the first time that the young writer confronted his homosexuality. Freaks of the Cosmic Circus explores this critical time in Tennessee Williams’ life, as he wrestled with his identity as an artist and a man. It is a coming-of-age story inspired by the memoir, notebooks and letters of one of America’s most beloved writers.

Cast size: 5 M, 1 F

A theatrically inventive look at Tennessee Williams’ formative years... I really enjoyed the investigation of how environments shape people. -- LORT Literary Manager

A beautiful and poetic play to take the shame right out of a person and free us all from our own darkness. Tennessee Williams is such an inspiring subject, and his coming of age is more than worthy as drama. -- playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman

There are times when we think we know a historical person but then a good playwright comes along and shines a light on a different perspective. Lojo has already done fascinating research in her role as the Laguna Beach Poet Laureate, and synthesized Williams' letters and journals to create this play. The imagery in this play was strong and compelling and I was absolutely along for the road trip. Place does shape who we are, and TW was transformed by it into the writer we know. -- dramaturg Heather Helinsky

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