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Brings people together

ART WOW produces

Bare Bones Theatre

Community programming

Performing arts workshops 

Writing workshops





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ART WOW is locally-sourced, community-based performing arts without walls.


The Trial of Ayn Rand by William Missouri Downs, Bare Bones reading with Aaron James, PhD

L'Dor v'Dor: Nefesh by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones reading with Pastor Rod Echols


Santa Hates Me, a holiday musical mash-up by Jason Feddy & Lojo Simon

L'Dor v'Dor: Ruach by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones reading with Andrea Deerheart

All You Need is LSD by Leo Butler, Bare Bones reading with Wendy and Ronnie Bevans

The Christians by Lucas Hnath, Bare Bones reading with Pastor Rod Echols

All the Adams in the World by Sheila Silver, Bare Bones performance and artist talkback

The Storehouse by Joanna Castle Miller, Bare Bones reading with Cindy Waldman

L'Dor v'Dor: Aliyah by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones reading with Pastor Rod Echols & Rabbi Marcia Tilchin

Evening with Shakespeare's Fool, co-production with Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center


14 by Jose Casas online conversation in conjunction with MiraCosta College production


Hard Love by Motti Lerner, Bare Bones reading with Rabbi Marcia Tilchin

Dust by Nicole Oglesby, Bare Bones reading with  John Becknell, PhD

Perfect by Jonathan Luskin, Bare Bones reading with Hans Keirstead


Orange Crush by Daniel Goldstein, Bare Bones reading with Scott Spitzer, PhD

Freaks of the Cosmic Circus by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones reading directed by Michael Matthews

Kindred by Konner Wilson, Bare Bones reading with Michele McCormick, PhD

Normaler Than Everyone by Brian Joseph & Dani Bedau, Bare Bones performance with artist talkback

Duet for One by Tom Kempinski, Bare Bones playreading with John Becknell, PhD

Ekphrastic writing workshop with poet Jodie Hollander

In collaboration with the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County: Readings of Mass Appeal by Murray Sidlin, and J'oy Vey by Anita Simons and Lojo Simon


Hazardous Materials by Beth Kander, Bare Bones playreading with Rabbi Marcia Tilchin

The Transition of Doodle Pequeno by Gabriel Jason Dean, Bare Bones playreading with Director Johamy Morales

Sex & Other Disturbances by Marisa Smith, Bare Bones playreading with Michele McCormick, PhD

Relic by Lojo Simon, one-night performance at Whitefire Theatre Solofest, Los Angeles

Girl in the Red Corner by Stephen Spotswood, Bare Bones playreading with Debi Purcell

In Pursuit of Silvia by Lojo Simon, Music by Jason Feddy, Bare Bones playreading

Creative Storytelling Workshop at Malcolm Elementary School. CLICK HERE to read what students had to say about about the workshop!



Max & Wren by Jerry Lacy, Bare Bones playreading and artist talkback

Relic by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones playreading and artist talkback

Iron Kisses by James Still, Bare Bones playreading with Michele McCormick, PhD

An Untitled Play by Justin Timberlake by Matt Schatz, Bare Bones playreading with Ann Wareham

Happy by Robert Caisley, Bare Bones playreading  with Michael Waldman

Nothing as Fierce by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones playreading with Dawn Price

Holiday children’s stories read aloud at Park Plaza, Laguna Beach



The Muskox Play by Jonathan Fitts, Bare Bones playreading with Andrea Deerheart

One Foot by Lojo Simon, Bare Bones playreading with Karen Redding, PhD

Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs, Bare Bones playreading with Jonathan Burke

All the Good in the World by Cory Hinkle, Bare Bones playreading with Pastor Jeff Tacklind

The Good Father by Christian O’Reilly, Bare Bones playreading with Michele McCormick, PhD

Final Arrangements by Ken Jillson, Bare Bones playreading with artist talkback



J’oy Vey by Lojo Simon & Anita Simons, Bare Bones playreading with Rabbi Marcia Tilchin

Orange Julius by Basil Kreimendahl, Bare Bones playreading with Charlie Pacello

"I've been going to see Bare Bones plays at Sandra Jones Campbell's studio, produced by Lojo Simon, for quite awhile and each play has been thought-provoking, enjoyable and well acted by a cast that often includes locals Ava Burton and Deb Conroy. Last night's play didn't disappoint. Great fun theater for $20 is a bargain. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend it." -- Michael Waldman

Actors: Ava Burton, Allison Hicks, Amanda Philipson, Ben Farrow, Sheldon Donenberg, David Šášik, Pat Kollenda, Sara Guerrero, Deb Conroy, Diana Burbano, Tom Shelton, Mason Bruderer, Erika Schindele, Brent Schindele, Evie Cant, Hal Landon Jr., Ian Armstrong, Mark Miller, Sheila Hennessey, Sarah Levin, Rachel Rosenfeld, Steven Shields, Amanda Poynter, Claire Blackwelder, Eileen Galindo, Deedee Rescher, Charlie Pacello, Joseph Kibler, Lily Gibson, Veltria Roman, Mike Bash, John Collela, Erik Odom, Chuck Yates, Frances Fisher, Joe Spano


Bare Bones: Theatre You Can Chew On, for the Discerning Theatre-Goer

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