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"Lojo's plays have the quality of fine short stories, with strong, 
intriguing themes and compelling characters taking us into distinct worlds."

-Eric Eberwein, OC-Centric New Play Festival

 Lojo's work "grapples with our most fundamental fears and flaws. Race, class, sexual identity, religious identity, end-of-life issues, beginning-of-life issues and everything in between. She explores family secrets and surprising discoveries. Her characters are damaged and tender, funny and tragic.... She doesn’t skirt away from controversial topics – instead she celebrates them." 
Marrie Stone, Arts Writer



Winner, David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Prize


Produced at KOLT Run Theatre in Sacramento, Idiom Theatre in Bellingham, University of Idaho





City Theatre National Playwriting Award Finalist; Heideman Award Finalist


Produced at City Theatre, Miami; Sam French OOB Festival in NYC, Temple Players Tribal Humor Festival in Connecticut



Produced at Idiom Theatre, Bellingham; Minneapolis Fringe, Salt Lake City Fringe, 

University of Idaho

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